Westanks have a range of self bunded lube and waste oil tanks for hire and sale in Adelaide SA, Kalgoorlie and Perth Western Australia. From 2,000 litre to large volume 110,000 litres oil storage tanks. We can provide storage tanks and monitoring equipment configuration to suit any bulk storage management project requirements in Western Australia or South Australia. Hiring oil tanks is a cost effective solution for waste oil management and we have all the expertise in suitable suction pumps and fittings. See the range of volume sizes, shapes, and industrial applications of our oil tanks; Perth’s best quality and price tanks.

Where lube products require a specific lube oil filtration system, we can also source and fit. Compartment tanks offer a specialised solution for lube storage. Where space is at a premium, utilising a multi-compartment lube oil tank allows for the storage and distribution of oil efficiently. Dispensing containers offer a practical solution where smaller volumes of increased oil types are in use, and utilising existing workshop compressors to drive the oil pumps eliminates power connection issues.

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Multi Compartment Tanks

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Multi Compartment Tanks

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