Our 1000 litre self bunded mobile trailers are easily moved and versatile enough to be used on both sealed and unsealed roads since they are 4WD towable on Australian outback roads. Weighing less than 2000 kg when full and built to stringent safety standards, these refueling trailers are fully mine spec’d and proudly made in Australia.

Our self bunded diesel refueling trailers are suitable for mining, exploration and other long range, remote area outback work in Australia that requires you to be mobile and carry suitable fuel supplies. Shire Councils and road crews working in remote locations can eliminate the need to return to base to refuel small portable units, saving time and money.


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Self Bunded Diesel Trailers - 1st August 2012 003
Self Bunded Diesel Trailers - 1st August 2012 002
Westanks 1,000 Litre Self Bunded Diesel Trailer - 1st August 2012 001