Westanks authorised Australian distributor of SmartFill‘s new electronic fuel management system for sale or hire in Australia. A fuel management system for your or hired fuel tank at installation on fuel bowsers, bulk fuel meters or fuel service¬†trucks. For efficient fuel dispensing, remote fuel auditing and fuel theft reduction.


SmartFill provides 24-hour security against theft and with 3G and Wifi options available, automatic downloads by the unit to your administration department ensure that fuel dispensing records are always up to date. This substantially reduces the time taken to reconcile fuel usage. Practical features at a very affordable price make it the best all-round fuel management system in the Australian market. Proudly designed and made in Australia, with our harsh conditions in mind. Westanks also service and repair many other fuel management systems, and can assist with regular calibrations of both NMI and Non NMI approved fuel delivery systems. Want to know more about how to remotely monitor fuel dispensing and reduce fuel theft at affordable prices without obligation: Phone Westanks Perth WA head office on (08) 9399 7737.

Westanks Smart Fill Gen 2 Fuel Management Brochure

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