Spill containment concerns particularly at refueling and unloading points are minimised when you package your tank with one or more Westanks environmental spill trays. Our environmental spill trays create a fully bunded spill area capable of holding up to 1000 litres. They are easily cleaned with an evac system and are a cost efficient alternative when traditional concrete bunds are not an option due to remote Australian location or time frame.

Engineer certified and manufactured to Australian Standards these spill tray units are capable of withstanding pressures above and beyond those applied by large refueling tankers and  heavy machinery used in Australia. You can be confident in their strength and durability in the harshest of environments. Built with top lifting points and forklift pockets, loading and unloading and maneuvering them into place is simple with most Australian site available lifting equipment.

Unloading Point Capture


Multiple Lifting Options