The Westanks Kalgoorlie office sell or hire large above ground self-bunded dangerous goods, industrial size storage tanks. Their tank crews monitor and maintain servicing of storage tanks in the Goldfields for mining companies, community and agricultural businesses. Large self-bunded, dangerous goods, above ground storage tanks Kalgoorlie/Goldfields is the focus of Westanks Kalgoorlie branch.
Road train unloading large industrial storage tank
Large industrial above ground tank sales or hire and services in Kalgoorlie Goldfields region includes free site inspections near Kalgoorlie, free tank design consultation suited to your dangerous goods storage needs be it large fuel tank storage, bulk lube oil storage, safe secure explosives storage, etc.

Our industrial tank experts in Kalgoorlie know the Western Australian Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 and local government regulations for bulk dangerous goods storage in the Goldfields.


Smaller mobile tank sales or hire are perfect for DIY carting fuel from Kalgoorlie to mining equipment, airfields, remote communities and agricultural stations in the Goldfields.
New refueling trailer sales or hire


Westanks Kalgoorlie supplies industrial sized, above ground, self-bunded, dangerous chemical storage tanks Goldfields wide for mine sites, community power plants and for minerals processing plants, on time and within price budget. Gold mines use dangerous chemicals which need safe, secure storage. Explosives and cyanide are but a few chemicals commonly used in the Goldfields. Diesel fuel, lubrication oils, LPG and other gases are less dangerous but still pose a health and environmental risk and therefore need to be stored properly. Our Goldfields good monitoring/fuel management and maintenance support service is from our tank experts based in Kalgoorlie WA. Remote fuel monitoring in Kalgoorlie is useful for reducing fuel theft.
5000 litre fuel tank sales hire
Westanks considers the Goldfields so important that the Australian general manager of Westanks is based in Kalgoorlie.

Westanks has it’s own trucks and drivers delivering big industrial storage tanks from Perth via Kalgoorlie to mine sites in the Goldfields. Phone Westanks Kalgoorlie office manager for very affordable backfreight deals for transporting big, bulky, oversized mining equipment from the Goldfields to Perth.

With Kalgoorlie based mining companies in the Goldfields of Western Australia being such a good driver of the Western Australian economy, Westanks has committed a significant investment in skilled human resources and equipment to support small and large mining companies in the Goldfields. Let us take the worry out of reliable energy security with the best large industrial storage tanks for hire or sale out of Kalgoorlie in the Goldfields of Western Australia.