Diesel Storage Tanks Australia


Westanks has a large fleet of self bunded diesel fuel tanks for sale or hire in WA and SA. These fuel tanks range in size from small diesel tanks of 1,000 litres to large diesel tanks of 110,000 litres at affordable prices. We guarantee supply of diesel storage tanks you require in Western Australia or South Australia. The self-bunded diesel fuel tank design eliminates the need for complex external bunding. The tanks are easy to relocate if the need arises. Westanks has big trucks available to transport your fuel tanks. All diesel storage tanks are designed and built to meet or exceed mandatory standards for above ground fuel storage tanks in Australia. This includes ladders and walkways, which keeps your environmental and safety departments satisfied that any risks are minimised.

Westanks diesel tanks for hire can be fitted with either electric or diesel powered pumping systems. The diesel pumps allows for the safe dispensing of diesel fuel via heavy and light vehicle hoses regardless of your location and access to external power. Diesel tanks specifically required for electric power generation can be supplied with a gravity feed systems for infrequent or low consumption generators. Day tank systems are an alternative diesel fuel storage solution if your WA or SA location or site needs to store larger volumes of fuel storage in Western Australia or South Australia.

Diesel fuel is classed under the dangerous goods act and therefore self-bunded tanks are mandatory by law in Australia for above ground fuel storage.