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Affordable, discounted, back freight, long haul truck transportation of oversize equipment to Perth WA and Adelaide SA

Westanks Road Transport Division has a fleet of heavy road transport vehicles to facilitate the movement of our storage tanks, enabling us to offer a complete road transport service in WA and SA to the customer at the most affordable price. Our fleet of oversize BIG trucks are also available for any external road freight requirements. We guarantee competitive trucking transport rates for both intra and inter Australian state bulk cargo loads.


Phone our transport managers for road freight quotes, including long haul, over-sized road transport back-freight to Perth or Adelaide. After our Westanks trucks deliver oversized equipment to mine sites and outback Western Australian and SA communities, road freight becomes a very affordable WA transport solution to get freight and oversized freight to back to Perth or Adelaide.

Westanks Australia is Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accredited and complies with all WA Main Roads requirements.

Phone Westank to ask about deals of discounted back-freight after over-sized deliveries to remote mine sites, outback Australian communities and farms.

For direct inquiries and quotes on the safe transport of oversized load and best SA and WA road freight prices including long wide and large escorted road freight in Western Australia and South Australia, please phone Ross on 0427 100 528.


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Long haul truck transport mining equipment to Perth WA