Remote fuel servicing in WA and SA for your or short term fuel tank hire contracts is easily achieved with our nearby workshops and service teams in Perth, the Pilbara, Goldfields of Western Australia and in South Australia. We can mobilise quickly to service and repair your fuel facility, such as fuel pump repairs in remote regional Australia.

Westanks guarantee a fast response to any fuel system breakdown calls on our own hire fleet of fuel systems. As well as providing scheduled fuel facility maintenance and breakdown maintenance services such as fuel pump repairs. Our fuel service teams are on call 24 Hours/7 Days for technical support. Any regular fuel storage system servicing we perform is recorded via a comprehensive checklist to ensure careful attention to every detail is taken, while any repairs are addressed quickly. Our service trucks & LV’s carry a wide range of fuel pump spare parts, tools and other spare parts, so wherever possible we can replace worn or malfunctioning oil or fuel storage/pump parts in remote Australia. Our aim is to save you money by cutting out re attendance costs, particularly important when the location is in remote Australia and when fuel storage and pumping equipment must be operating at all times.

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