In addition to designing and supplying an individual storage tank solution for either hire or sale in South Australia or Western Australia Westanks can design, supply, install and maintain entire fuel farms.

Once the design of a fuel farm is finalised, Westanks arrange the manufacture of new equipment, or if hire is your preference secure and convert suitable units within our fleet to ensure the entire facility meets Australian Standards. Utilising our own heavy vehicle fleet mobilising the equipment to site is handled by our experienced drivers and operations team. Qualified trade staff make sure the whole Australian fuel farm system is installed and working as it should be.

Customising a maintenance program for your existing fuel storage facility will minimise breakdowns that are costly and disruptive to your business. We provide on site operations staff training for fuel management systems, dispensing and unloading processes. Westanks trainers will work alongside site safety and environmental departments to develop procedures to reduce the likely hood of unnecessary injuries and lubrication oil / fuel spills. Our site administration training services available for the Smartfill fuel management system ensures operators of software are maintaining accurate fuel usage data records.


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Road Train Unloading

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Operating Facility

self bunded fuel tank